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Welcome to RooJack Studios 

Cleveland, Ohio-U.S.A.

Studio History


  RooJack Studios is a Veteran owned / Sub-Marketing development studio based on the practices of "Guerilla Marketing" as its strategy and medium. We were part of the former "Kustom Kulture" community and as of 2018 branched off onto our own projects.


  Our mission is to develop new markets, brands and ideas utilizing both Gerber and Levinson's marketing theories "You work ON a business rather than IN a business. In turn, you retain 360* of your competition." Adding Levinson who developed Guerilla Marketing. It has created a strong network and has protected the current markets we have developed over the years with little to no plagiarism. In turn, we offer the SAME product the competition utilizes at a fraction of the cost. 

  RooJack was founded by Chris Ruther "Rooster" while he was in the Navy. He originally intended to open Rooster Coffee Co. and put that on hold until recently. We have definitely become a work hard play hard style company and have plenty of irons on the fire to come. With the expansion of RooJack International, LLP in 2023, RooJack Studios will be capable of twice the focus on developing new markets and longer term projects. 

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