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RooJack NDA


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RooJack NDA
2021 / 2022

RooJack Studios™ Investment Information

RJS/RJI Corporate Logo Inverted

  RooJack Studios™, LLC is currently in another transformation. We are "splitting" the Studio side of the house from the Corporate side of the house. In turn, creating and registering "RooJack International™ LLP" by the 4th quarter of the 2022 Fiscal year. This is part of our 5 phase schedule during RooJack's 5 year infancy. If we can do this literally during a PLAGUE, we can do anything. (We just stay 6 feet away from each other and forbid staff to eat bat soup.)
  Each market developed within the studio will be registered as its own LLC. Meaning, there are PLENTY of investment opportunities for each market RooJack launches out of the studio. Each market retains its own "Constitutional Capital" for added collateral and easier bail out if that particular market becomes too weak or has to be dissolved for a stronger market to flourish.

  Investment in these markets are all under Non-Disclosure / Non-Compete to retain not only the investor's privacy, but it's marketing logistic, strategy and tactic. So the first step in becoming a venture capitalist, shadow investor or what have you is get us an NDA and we'll go from there. After that, you will be directed to RooJack's Board of Directors' page within this website.

RooJack Studios™ General Information




RJS™ is currently Scouting:

  • Studio Interns (Corporate)

  • Artists for Old Salt Brand™

  • Promotional Manager 

  • Overseas Liaisons (RJC)

  • CPA - OH, NC, UAE, PAK

  • Legal - Overseas (UAE)

  • Legal - US / NC / OH

  • Embroidery Wholesale

  • Promotions Manager (RJC)

  • Online Sales Manager

Drop us an email and someone will get in contact with you.


RooJack Legal Stipulation:


Per RooJack Studios™ Corporate By-Laws

  • As per RooJack's Legal Counsel, any an all participants in tours, projects both civilian and MILSPEC and/or Private Client are required to submit a Non-Disclosure / Non Compete Agreement with RooJack Studios™,LLC for a minimum statute of limitation of 4 years from date of signing and receipt of the NDA. This is primarily due to RJS™ involvement with the US Military.

  • RooJack Studios™ "Call to Artists" will require a portfolio of 10-25 JPEG pieces, and a 3 paragraph minimal bio in Open Office Format or PDF for promotion of that said artist both in the US and abroad.

  • All "Secondary" staff away from the "Core" RooJack Corporate Staff including artists are under retained contract only. Artists under 50/50 contract.


If you need:

  • A Logo, Crest or Emblem

  • Clothing Design

  • Market/Sub-Market Theme

  • Product Design

  • Video Ad Design

  • Provisional Marketing Info.

  • Promotional Campaign

  • API/SEO Assistance

  • MILSPEC Reg. Design

  • Operational Market

  • Sponsorship Info.

  • Platform Sponsorship

  • Radio-Cast Sponsor Info


Drop us an email and someone will get in contact with you.


Thank You

Where is RooJack Studios™ Located?

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