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 About Rooster (RooJack's CEO)


  Rooster was born in the Detroit, Michigan area in Livonia. He grew up in the Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland area throughout his childhood. Joined the Navy in 1992 and spent the next 12 years working the flight decks of several carriers. His 3rd deployment was with the F/A-18 Hornet squadron the "VFA-131 Wildcats". The Wildcats were part of the Joint Forces first response to 9-11 in 2002.


  3 days into Rooster's 3rd deployment, his daughter "Jackie" was born. (The JACK in RooJack).  During that cruise Rooster Coffee Co. was born and shelved while Rooster separated from the Navy and started contracting as an aircraft painter for the next 17 years.

  In 2018 RooJack Studios, LLC was formed and registered in Elizabeth City, NC. From which is currently under re-registry under Ohio law and RooJack International, LLP is being drafted as well. 

  RooJack Studios is currently in production of 3 major projects in the UAE slated for 2023 thru 2033. Rooster has since pulled Rooster Coffee Co. off the shelf and is adding it to a project for the Navy called "Old Salt Brand". 

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